Verbrannte Orte API

Introduction and Goals

Verbrannte Orte ( is an online project by photographer Jan Schenck ( in cooperation with augmented logic, mapping places of the nazi book burnings ( in 1933.

One goal of this project is to make both geodata and contextual information available in various machine readable formats. For a start, information is available in GeoRSS( XML ) and GeoJSON. A support for detailed information in RDF ( which will include information about source literature, documents and media) is planned for late February/beginning of March 2014.

API Endpoints

There are currently two API endpoints available:

Note: Date descriptions are currently in German but will eventually change into a machine readable date formats.

Format Specifications

For details about the used data formats please refer to:

GeoRSS Simple :



For technical questions, bug reports and suggestions please contact dev /at/


API requests are temporarily logged to provide quality of service.


All supplied data is (c) 2014 by Jan Schenck under Open Database Licence