pbaker is a small script to split large panorama images into tiles to be displayed with openlayers.


pbaker was originally developed for https://verbrannte-orte.de, an online map about the Nazi Book Burnings in 1933/34.

Installation and Dependencies

pbaker depends on lua (5.1), lua-filesystem and imagemagick.

Debian/Ubuntu Packages

Packages for Debian ( tested on jessie and stretch ) are available by adding

deb http://packages.augmentedlogic.com/debian/ experimental main

to your /etc/apt/sources.list and run

apt-get install pbaker

Mac OS X

pbaker should work fine on Mac OS X, but imagemagick and lua need to be installed from other sources ( e.g. homebrew or mac ports )

Getting the Source Code

git clone https://github.com/augmentedlogic/pbaker.git


./pbaker -h
pbaker 0.2  

Usage: pbaker [options]
    -f,--format  , default is "jpg" 
    -i,--image    image file 
    -t,--target   target directory
    -q, --quiet  be quiet
    -m, --imtmp  set the imagemagick temporary directory
    -h, --help   prints this help


pbaker is published under MIT License.